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Add 03-04-2020

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How does it work ?

Hi Everybody!

Tripdwellers is a meeting between people want to share activities they love in their cities or regions and people love traveling and discovering cultures. How does the website work? Here are conscious steps to starting.

To get a new account as a guide:
-To fill out the short registration form. No confidential information is required.
-To add a profile picture...It sounds more user-friendly and it's always good to put a face on a name when we have some exchange with someone!
-To create one or more trips.
-To set freely my own prices.

I am planning to travel or I am looking for a local:
-To fill out the registration form also...You aren't on a bank website to create a new bank account. The registration is really fast!
-To upload my best-smiling profile picture...to have a better experience with other users.
-To request on the website my target travel destination and get in touch with locals and chatting or emailing in the chatbox.

What about the event:
-Tripdwellers is also a way to earn money. Guides get money after their trip. All payments shall be made in person before, during or after the trip...It's as you like, It's up to you to decide!

The last word:
Guess what? Tripdwellers is free. No card is required, no fees! Let's start on Tripdwellers.

Tripdwellers Team.